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2019 Municipal Election Guide

2019 denver election guide

This year's city elections consists of 54 candidates, 10 running for mayor and 44 for city council. 

How do we know who will advocate for a more equitable city if elected?

Stay up-to-date with our process through periodic updates, and study up on the candidates and their responses to our survey. 

An Open Letter To Candidates

12/10/18 All In Denver released an open letter to candidates outlining what we would like to see addressed by candidates during their campaign. 

Candidate Questionnaire

2/15/19 All In Denver released a 6 questions questionairre highlighting each candidate's plan to promote equity in Denver. 

Mayoral Responses

3/15/19 Mayoral candidate responses to the All In Denver candidate questionnaire. 

City Council Responses

3/15/19City council candidate responses to the All In Denver candidate questionnaire-divided by district. 

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