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2021 Ballot Questions and Initiatives

All In is here to break down the issues most important to our Denver community

Our Major Stances

No on Question 2F

Until 2020, a long-standing City & County of Denver regulation on group living  prohibited three or more unrelated persons from living together, a policy that was particularly harmful and used discriminately against marginalized people in our local community, and isolated group housing in industrial areas. On this year’s municipal election ballot you’ll see Question 2F, the attempt to overturn the City Council’s 2021 Group Living Ordinance and return to the harmful status quo. This ballot initiative would halt desperately needed housing options, and is a clear and obvious step backwards.

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 Vote No on Question 2F!

No on Initiative 303

Ballot Initiative 303 ‘Let’s Do Better’ seeks to deputize private citizens to personally enforce the urban camping ban when state enforcement agents do not immediately respond to a complaint. It also creates significant legal conflicts and costly legal exposure for the City that would leave the people of Denver to foot the bill.  All In Denver seeks to alleviate homelessness through innovative, proactive public policy and housing solutions, not regressive, punitive action.

 Vote No on Initiative 303!  

No on Initiative 304

If approved, Initiative 304 would fiscally handicap Denver’s municipal government from conducting basic operating functions that we depend on and from advancing improvements to city infrastructure.  The decrease in Denver’s current sales tax rate, which Denver voters have approved at the ballot box, would decimate city services and programs ranging from street infrastructure, parks, transportation and affordable housing to homelessness prevention, pre-K and post-secondary education, and climate change programs.

Vote No on Initiative 304!

Initiative 301 & 302

(The Future of Park Hill Golf Course) 


Initiative 301

Initiative 301 would prohibit any development on property protected by a conservation easement in Denver.  The initiative also proposes that amendments to or cancellation of a conservation easement require approval from voters.  In practice, this initiative only applies to the Park Hill GC site redevelopment, and would prevent the current plans for redevelopment on this site.

Vote No on Initiative 301!


Initiative 302

Initiative 302 would clarify that a conservation easement must be registered with the State of Colorado’s Division of Conservation to be considered legally binding. The conservation easement on the Park Hill GC property is not registered with the Division of Conservation.  If passed by voters, Initiative 302 would neutralize Initiative 301, ultimately permitting development on the Park Hill GC, which would only happen after extensive planning and rezoning processes, and subsequent approval by Denver City Council.

Vote Yes on Initiative 302!

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View the North Park Hill Community Survey here

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