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2021 Bond Questions

All In is here to break down the issues most important to our Denver community

Our Stances


Question 2B

Question 2B asks voters to approve $38.6 million to fund expansion and upgrade of shelters and facilities for people experiencing homelessness. All In Denver believes that all people should have access to warm, dry shelter, clean water, and electricity--2B funds will support those needs. 

Vote Yes on Question 2B!


Question 2C

Question 2C asks voters to approve $63.2 million to expand and improve existing multi-modal transportation infrastructure.  This bond proposal is an investment in making commuting and traveling within the City & County of Denver without a motor vehicle more practical, safe, and accessible to residents and visitors alike.

Vote Yes on Question 2C!



Question 2E

Question 2E asks voters to approve another $190 million for additional construction at the National Western Center (NWC).  The taxpayers of Denver have already paid hundreds of millions of dollars for the redevelopment of the National Western Center, and this proposal asks Denverites to foot the bill again.  Unlike Questions 2B and 2C, where all citizens benefit from sharing the cost of a citywide project, Question 2E asks taxpayers to further fund a project with minimal community benefits; in fact, most community organizations for neighborhoods surrounding the NWC oppose the construction.  Most citizens will not reap the benefits of additional construction at the NWC. All In Denver believes that Denver residents and businesses have paid more than our fair share of the NWC redevelopment project--let’s focus on housing, transportation and other quality-of-life priorities.

Vote No on Question 2E!

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