Core Issues


Affordable Housing

Denver's on the right track with housing, but there is still work to be done.

Affordable housing is a top-of-mind concern for Denver voters, across all demographics of age, household income, race and ethnicity. ​With Denver seeing changes happening in its neighborhoods in months rather than years, All In Denver believes that Mayor Hancock and the City Council must be bold in creating and using new dedicated funding streams to create affordable housing that reaches a wide continuum of households ranging from homeless to very low income to young professionals.  


Mobility & Transit

All In Denver is focused on citywide efforts to better and more safely connect Denver’s residents to work, school, transit and daily errands. 

More than 1,000 people are moving to Denver each month, and we all use the same roads to get around. The problem is that Denver’s street network is old and built primarily for cars. And owning/driving a car is the most expensive way to get where you need to go. That’s why transportation costs are second only to housing costs for most people. We need more options to get around more safely, accessibly and affordably. Streets and sidewalks account for 30 percent of a city’s public space. We should use these to benefit more people, not just cars.​​


Blueprint Denver

Growth is Denver’s defining issue, and our changing city has polarized our community. As members of AllIn Denver, we believe that the Blueprint Denver Task Force, Planning Board, City Council and Mayor Hancock must be bold in re-shaping and re-imagining Blueprint Denver, and position Blueprint as a strategy to ensure a more equitable and diverse city where all people can prosper and thrive.

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2018 Denver Elections

This year's ballot covers a lot of important issues that could have a huge impact on our city.  We've created a comprehensive one page guide to some important ballot measures that will be addressed. Download it here