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Statement in Support of Denver’s Ballot Measure 2B Sales Tax for Homeless Resolution

All In Denver is a non-profit advocacy organization that believes an equitable city is where all people have the opportunity to prosper and thrive. Since 2016, we have supported the city of Denver’s efforts to address the shortage of affordable, accessible housing. 

In alignment with All In Denver’s stated goals of supporting equity, affordability, accessibility and diversity in housing solutions, we express our full support of the City of Denver’s process and future implementation of .25% sales tax to fund housing, shelter, and services for those experiencing or exiting homelessness. 

All In Denver recognizes that though Denver has embraced multiple housing, shelter, and service solutions for the homeless, that many Denverites continue to struggle when it comes to accessing housing, shelter options, and services. Homelessness has many systemic and historical causes, and Denver is faced with trying to create positive impact on the multifaceted issues that surround it. Knowing that COVID-19, evictions and high levels of unemployment are leading to a substantial increase in the homeless population across Denver, we applaud Councilwoman Kneich, and the Governance Committee for moving this important resolution forward.


As an organization, we urge the Denver City Council as a whole, to ensure this resolution is placed on the November Ballot. All In Denver supports all aspects of the Sales Tax for Homeless Resolution, including: 

• Facilitation of more affordable housing units, expanded rental assistance, and increasing supportive housing solutions for Denver’s un-housed neighbors 

• Expanding the number of shelter beds available, while improving the access for underserved populations 

• Enhancing combined shelter and service wholesale programs, ensuring the continuum of service 

• Ensuring better health and housing outcomes through drop in and 24-hour service centers 

• Expanding mental health care, substance treatment, housing and employment counseling, and COVID support. 

• Increasing the number of housing referrals to try and minimize the number of individuals who are forced to camp on the street 

• Assist in maintaining COVID-19 emergency measures that would allow for COVID screening, expand shelter beds, and ensuring respite and housing connections.


With Denver losing 1,200 shelter beds due to social distancing, it is vital to continue to fund emergency response programs that can help support those in need, by minimizing the service gap within the community 

Additional information and/or support can be provided by any one of our 18-member board of directors found here: 

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