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Statement on Protests

All In Denver supports our community members who are taking direct action in the form of mass gatherings and protests to demand action for police reform and accountability, and an end to systemic racism that has brutalized the Black community for centuries.

We also support our community members who are doing the difficult and rigorous work of convening people of color, arts leaders, police, prosecutors, public safety officials, elected officials, educators, school leaders, and community review boards in order to make recommendations that demand change at the policy level.


Protests and policy change go hand-in-hand. Historically, protests have created pressure on people in power, making it possible for equitable policies to emerge. That is as true today as it has ever been.  Both civil disobedience and engaging with the political system are necessary in moments the one we face as a nation.

Denver needs a comprehensive public safety plan that is informed by our community and prioritizes the safety and well-being of Black, Indigenous, and people of color. As an organization that crafts and recommends equitable public policies in the City and County of Denver, we are committed to joining forces with community leaders over the coming weeks to recommend tangible public policies that will build trust, save lives, and increase public safety in Denver, specifically for communities who are targeted by racist practices.

All In Denver is dedicated to help bring about reform and permanent positive change in Denver. We believe in the Black Lives Matter movement and its goal of bringing an end to the injustices, white supremistit systems, and lack of freedom that so many still face in our country and in our city. We support and will collaborate with community members to call upon our city, civic, and business leadership to work collectively for anit-racist, equitable and just public safety solutions. 

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