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The 101 On Blueprint Denver

Whether you've heard of Blueprint Denver and aren't sure exactly what it does or you're simply a citizen concerned with the state of our city and what the continuous growth will mean, the plan is worth being informed on. Enjoy this simple guide to Blueprint including all the resources you need to dig in and decide if you think it will be beneficial for our city.

All In Denver's Stance

After careful review of Blueprint Denver, we've decided to express our full support of the plan, as we think it could be a highly valuable resource to help Denver be a more equitable city.

We were pleased to find it met most (if not all) of our guiding principles including:

* Maintaining focus on the core goals of Denver’s Comprehensive Plan—Economic Opportunity, Environmental Stewardship, Equity and Engagement.

* A change from breaking Denver into categories of "areas of change" and areas of stability" and instead acknowledging that all of the city is experiencing growth and that all neighborhoods are responsible for shaping said growth.

* Emphasizing economic opportunity and diversity.

During this process, we encourage the city to clarify how different departments of the city will work together to execute the Blueprint plan.

You can find our full letter of support here.

What is Blueprint?

Blueprint Denver is a proposal for a plan that will delegate how growth and development will be channeled through the city. After conducting a city-wide survey, Denveright determined that many citizens desired Denver to be a city that can be described as:

* Equitable, Affordable and Inclusive

* Economically Diverse

* Environmentally Resilient

* Connected, Safe and Accessible

* Healthy and Active

* Strong and Authentic Neighborhoods

Blueprint Denver was designed to incorporate all of these needs into city-wide planning to help Denver become equitable and accessible.

What Will It Do?

If passed, Blueprint will serve as a multi-purpose tool to help guide city planning by:

* Providing framework for neighborhood planning.

*Setting policies for citizens, city officials, staff, citizens and property owners.

* Advocating for the needs and desires of Denver's citizens.

* Informing the city's budgeting process.

* Providing a neighborhood-based guide to rezoning and regulations.

* Evaluate the progress of all Blueprint goals.

There are 10 main goals:

* Ensure a diverse range of affordable housing and quality employment opportunities city-wide.

* Ensure all citizens have convenient access to all basic services and amenities.

* Develop multiple modes of mobility for citizens of all ages that prioritizes walking, biking, and transit.

* Support the growth of employment centers to encourage work and education opportunities for all citizens.

* Direct higher intensity growth to mixed-use centers and high capacity transit corridors (highways, light rail, bus lines).

* Ensure all neighborhoods are inviting and well maintained.

* Develop places that creatively combine private property, streets, and public spaces.

* Meet the needs of a growing and evolving community while maintaining its historical and cultural assets.

* Keep the city environmentally sustainable and ensure access to outdoor activities.

* Promote equitable healthcare and health solutions.

You can review the entire plan including their metrics of success and estimated timeline here.

Questions? Feel free to email us at

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