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Make Denver Streets Safe For Everyone

As part of the Denver Streets Partnership, All In Denver supports this 2019 budget funding request to make our streets safer for pedestrians of all mobility needs and cyclists. 

When our streets are set up for everyone, we are all safer, healthier, and able to get around town more easily and affordably. It is important for walking, biking, and transit to be safe and available to all people regardless of age, income, and ability. 

We are asking Mayor Michael Hancock, City Council and the Director of Public Works to consider the following funding requests for Denver’s 2019 budget:

  • $10 million for sidewalks and $5 million for bicycle facilities

  • $5 million to improve safety on Federal Boulevard - the city’s deadliest corridor

  • $1 million for interim design treatments like paint, epoxy, and plastic bollards to make designated lanes clearer and safer

  • $1 million for updating Denver’s Street Design Standards to improve safety for all

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